Tips and Tricks to Look Younger

1By the time you reach the age of late thirties or early forties, your skin starts to sag and fine lines start to be more prominent. The fact that you can never stop the hands of time, aging will happen sooner or later. However, did you know that there are ways to defy aging? Here are some tips and tricks to look young that most dermatologists hide:

  1. Keep hydrated

This is the simplest, yet one of the essential things that you need to do every day – stay hydrated. According to medical experts, drinking enough water a day can aid circulation of the blood, helps fast nutrient absorption, and aids in eliminating toxins from the body. Additionally, having an adequate supply of water each day can replenish the skin cells, giving you a skin that smooth and radiant.

  1. Always wash your face every day

Do not forget to wash your face every night or before hitting the bed. This old-school beauty regimen had proven over-time that keeping your face clean every night can help defy age. According to the experts, your face is exposed to several different impurities every day such as the toxins from your makeup, the pollution, UV rays, and more. Washing your face every night or thrice a day can eliminate all the impurities that you have acquired throughout the day. Thus, with this regular skin care, you are delaying all the signs of aging.

  1. Eat Superfruits

According to the experts, adding superfruits to your diets, such as pomegranate, Acai berry, grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and more can help you delay the signs of aging because most of these are a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential molecules that eliminate free radical toxins out of the body and fights off cell damage.

  1. Keep your skin and face moisturized

Other than keeping your body hydrated, you should also make sure to keep your skin moisturized. According to the medical experts, the stratum corneum or the outer layer of the skin is composed of oil, fat, and skin cells; thus, by applying a moisturizer to the skin or face, it can help increase the level of moisture, keeping your skin from drying and scaling. Applying moisturizer each day is important, especially when you are in your late twenties because at these ages your skin is starting to produce less oil, fat and healthy skin cells. Also, there are effective skin treatments that can help you look younger than your age; one best example is the Ageless Body System, you can get a very detailed review at their website.

  1. Healthy Exercise

By the time you reach the early twenties, your metabolism slows down; thus, you start to gain weight and can make you look older than your actual age. Then, by the time you reach the early thirties, it becomes harder to trim weight and look younger. So, to defy age, make sure to add healthy exercise to your daily beauty regimen.

  1. Always stay happy and positive

Did you know that staying happy and positive can make you look younger than your actual age? Science had proven that stress can make a person look older while being positive in life can make a person look younger.