Tips in Searching Correct Hiking Boots Size

Looking for the right hiking boots is like a match-making process. There are factors you have to consider, such as the boot’s material, design, type of sole, and durability, to name a few. Some hiking footwear might feet but has the wrong features, whereas others might have the aspects you need but has the wrong fit. Indeed, searching for a good pair of hiking boots is a tedious and tricky process.


One of the most obvious and essential factors of hiking boots that might tend to get wrong is finding the right shoe size. Wearing footwear that is too snug can cause bruises and blisters. Meanwhile, wearing a pair of hiking boots that are loose increases the risk of injuries and accidents.

Then, how can you find the right shoe size? Below are some useful tips to follow.

#1 Determine Your Size

The first thing you need to do is find out the exact size of your feet. When talking about feet size, it does not only talks about the length of your feet. You also have to measure the width and arch length. Using a calibrated fit device also helps.

Now, notice that shoe manufacturers have size charts. These size charts often differ, especially if the manufacturer comes from another country and utilizes different metric units. Once you’ve got down your size, consult the size chart of the hiking boots you plan to buy. Choose a shoe that is a half-inch larger than your actual size.

#2 Buy Hiking Boots at the End of the Day

Some individuals have feet that tend to swell during the day. If your feet are the same, the best time to buy a pair of hiking boots is in the afternoon. With this, you can avoid buying boots that are too large.

#3 Try the Boots

If you’ve got your sights on a pair of hiking boots, try to spend some time on them. Take a stroll in the store and go up and down the stairs. Doing so will help you identify if the boots are comfortable to wear.

#4 Wear Socks

When buying a pair of hiking boots, make sure to wear appropriate socks. Choose the pair of socks that you usually use when hiking when fitting hiking boots. It will help you choose the right footwear.

#5 Find Out the Boot’s Features

Do you have wide feet?

Some shoes might match with your feet’s length but are too narrow. It is why many hikers in this condition experience difficulty when searching for hiking boots.

There are specific hiking boots designed for hikers with wide feet. These boots have enough room that allows the feet to stay comfortable. Examples of it are Merrell Men’s Moab, Keen Men’s Targhee, and Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge. You can check out some pretty fair and honest reviews here about these products.

Additional Tips

As you have read from above, correct hiking boots size is only one of the several factors you have to remember when looking for the best outdoor footwear. If you want to learn additional buying guidelines, see this source.

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