Tips on How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaner this 2019

Cleaning pool isn’t easy; unless you own the best pool cleaner.

If you are currently looking for the best pool cleaner, this 2019 there are a lot of options to choose from; fortunately, here are some tips on how to choose the best pool cleaner in the midst of too many options today.


Tip #1: Know which type of pool cleaner suits your pool cleaning needs

There are different types of pool cleaners that are available in the market today; these include the robotic cleaners, suction cleaners, and pressure side cleaners.

  • Robotic pool cleaners

These are the most common and recommended the type of pool cleaner are the robotic pool cleaners;

o    It is low in maintenance
o    It filters the pool water efficiently; removing germs, debris, and bacteria.
o    It helps circulate the water, allowing the oxygen to flow throughout the pool, which makes the pool cleaner.
o    Best in cleaning the corners of the pool.
o    It helps cut down the number of chemicals needed to clean the pool.
o    You don’t need to make too much effort to operate.

A robotic pool cleaner is one of the best pool cleaners in the market today; if you are planning to invest a food robotic pool cleaner, a Hammerhead pool cleaner is a great choice.

  • Suction cleaners

Suction cleaners are the most economical of its type and it is often attached to the pool’s skimmer.

o    It is cheaper than the robotic pool cleaner
o    It uses the power of the pool’s suction
o    Does not have a motor to replace or to maintain.

  • Pressure side cleaners

It is designed to work with your pool’s water return port or at a booster pump line.

o    Efficient in cleaning the pool’s surface
o    Designed with its own filter bag
o    Doesn’t easily get clogged

Tip #2: Choose a pool cleaner according to the size and the type of the pool

Before purchasing any pool cleaner you have to determine your current pool’s size and design. Is your pool a commercial type or a residential-sized pool? Is it built above the ground or in-ground? Choose a pool cleaner that will support your pool’s cleaning needs.

Also, the length of the pool cleaner’s hose will depend on the size and the style of the pool; in other words, when looking for the right pool cleaner, do not forget to consider the length of the hose – will it cover the entire pool from one end to the other?

Tip #3: Choose according to your cleaning cycle

How frequently do you need your pool to be cleaned? Is it hourly? Per day maybe? Or once a week? Your cleaning cycle matters a lot when choosing a pool cleaner; if you are looking forward in cleaning your pool once a day or probably once or twice a week, one of the ideal pool cleaners is the robotic pool cleaner.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to choose the best pool cleaner this 2019; however, if you are still confused, do not forget to consider the pool’s size and style, how frequently do you need to get your pool cleaned, and the right type of pool cleaner that will support your pool cleaning tasks.