Tips on How to Keep Your Dog from Running Away

Even though your dog loves you, they still tend to run away.

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A dog that runs away from home or a dog lost its way to home is one of the heartbreaking moments in a dog owner’s life. Unfortunately, having a lost dog is not an uncommon incidence. According to American Humane Association, approximately 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen each year in the US alone.

Why would a dog run away from home?

There are several reasons why a dog would run away from home and gets lost along the way; these include:

  • The dog feels frustrated from being alone and lonely at home all the time and for a long time.
  • The dog experiences separation anxiety from its pet parent(s).
  • The dog feels fear due to loud noise, including fireworks or thunderstorms, while being alone at home.
  • The dog feels sexually driven and in search of a mate.
  • The dog is chasing a rabbit, a squirrel, a cat, or a car. It is common on breeds with higher prey drive.
  • Having a new home can make your dog feel confused due to a sudden change of environment and routine.

How to stop your dog from running away?

Dogs are easy to train not to run away from home, but it is always necessary to have preventive measures.

#1: Figure out why would your dog run away

Why would your dog run away from home?

  • If your dog feels frustrated from being home alone all the time, walk them to the nearest part every day. Play with them every weekend. Make them feel busy at home with toys, even when they are alone.
  • If your dog experiences separation anxiety, do not make a big deal when you leave. Condition your dog before leaving. However, if your dog has serious separation anxiety, consult a vet or ask a dog trainer for help.
  • If your dog feels scared due to fireworks, get specially designed earmuffs for dogs. Also, you may ask your vet or a dog trainer’s tips.
  • If your dog feels sexual urges, have your dog spayed or neutered.
  • If your dog is confused due to your new home’s environment, make sure to walk them within the hood every day and have them memorize the path to your home.

#2: Tighten your security

If you have a yard, it is ideal to install a wireless dog fence. The wireless dog fence allows your dogs to play around inside your yard without worrying about losing them. A wireless dog fence is an electric fence that keeps the dogs from escaping or crossing the boundary. It involves installing a transmitter with its radio signal circulating within the expected range from the transmitter. The transmitter is connected to the dog’s collar, where it gives off a warning sound to alarm the dog not to cross the boundary. And if they do, the dog will get static shock from the invisible fence. Check The Pet God website to understand how wireless dog fence works.

#3: Keep your dog feel at home

Always keep your dog feel at home by providing them the love, food, and shelter they need. Play with them during your free time. Think of them, not as a pet, but a friend that requires attention.