Tips on How to Turn Your Quilting Hobbies into a Business

Quilted mattresses, blankets, comforters, and more are one of many quilted products that are industrially growing due to its unique designs and excellent addition of comfort to the product mentioned.


If you are one many individuals who love to sew and quilt, here are some tips from different successful quilters who have shared their thoughts and experiences as quilters and entrepreneurs through the help of Craft Biz Pro.

Tip #1: Set a business plan

Creating a business plan is one of the first major things to do when setting a business; even if you are aware of what you are supposed to as a quilter, successful entrepreneurs do not bypass the basic, but essential part in starting a business. Here are some few things to consider when creating a small business plan:

  •    Research your market – Make sure to research all important details about your business; will it be successful in a closer type of marketing or do you need to expand your targets through social-media platform.
  •    What will be your take-off when it comes to competition – It would be nice if you have lesser competitors within your town; however, if you are to expand your targets through social-media, you have to have contingency plans to ensure you are above your competitors.

Also, do not forget to know your competitors; research them well enough to know their criteria that could threaten your business success.

Tip #2: Have enough start-up capital

Even if you have all the equipment in sewing and quilting, you also need to be financially stable to market your business, to set a quilt shop, to purchase other essential materials such as different classes and types of fabric, and more. If you are to compete with other quilters who have already established their business in the market, you have to have the right shop, tools, equipment, and manpower to have a successful quilting business.

Tip #3: Look for the finest and trusted providers 

There are several providers for your materials and equipment, but you should trust only those who can provide you quality materials to provide your customers quality products; so, choose carefully. Additionally, make sure to get in business with companies or store that offers varieties of fabrics.

Tip #4: Set up your store

Set up your store fashionably to attract customers. Make sure to offer several different and unique quilting designs.

Be creative; let your artistry be of use even when marketing your business to the public. Here is a tip, if you want to promote your business to a wider target, try promoting your business through social media by displaying your unique quilting designs.

Tip #5: Have confidence

One of the best tips that most successful quilters and entrepreneurs would always encourage the beginners is having confidence, determination, and the humility in learning constructive criticism from the target audience. While creativity is important in this type of industry, Craft Biz Pro would always point out that one factor that makes a hobby a successful business is learning the basics of innovation.