Tips on How to Write a Powerful Persuasive Essay

It is not easy to write a convincing essay, especially when you are new to it. There are several things to consider and things to avoid. To find out how to make a persuasive essay, you should continue reading this post.


One of the quintessential elements of a powerful essay is the writer’s ability to convince its readers. How do you convince your audience with your essay? How to persuade your readers?

Another form of argumentative writing is persuasive writing. It provides logical arguments with an emotional plea to convince the writer’s audience to a particular point of view. Writing a persuasive essay must involve a clear structure of ideas that will influence the reader to believe your stance about a particular issue.

How to write a persuasive essay?

#1: Choose the right topic

To convince your readers, you need to choose a topic that you enjoy talking about. Write about something that appeals to your sensibilities. Choose a subject that you have a strong opinion on. However, make sure to do extensive research about the topic you want to discuss to provide solid defenses on the arguments you want to establish.

#2: Establish your position

To make your readers agree with you, you need to establish your position from the start. Do not let your readers guess what you intend to argue and where your stand is; because if you do, it’ll kill their interest to read your essay.

Also, to hype your readers’ interest, you should start your statement strong. Write a worded opening sentence that will make your audience feel they needed to read your point of view. Make sure that your sentences are well structured and do not have fragments or any other sentence error. You May use a Sentence checker online to ensure your sentence structure is in order.

#3: Start your argument with a fact

What is the reason that had made you stand on a particular stance?

To get your readers’ attention, you need to start with a fact and support it with a research finding that will help sustain your appeal. Also, use a reference point as you are developing your argument. Moreover, rationalize your arguments with your audience; however, you need to emotionally dive into the viewpoint to change your audiences’ mind.

#4: Convince with an organized thought

To persuade your readers, make sure to organize your thoughts. Create a logical format secured with evidence, analysis, and counter-argument. Use an outline that will help your readers understand opinions and arguments. And if you outline your persuasive essay at the top of your head, you will mislead your audience, making them uninterested in your arguments.

#5: Write with ethical reasoning

A persuasive essay does not only include logical and passionate reasoning, but it should also involve ethical reasoning. Always argue with an ethical obligation to avoid misleading or manipulation of the audience. Do not apply fear tactics or provide misinformation. Reason out with the right information, passion, and moral obligation. Take a stand at a right stance.