Top Exercises to Relieve Neuropathic Pain

6Studies have shown that everyday exercise can reduce neuropathic pain. Neuropathy is a condition where the nerve damage can cause mild to an excruciating numbness, tingling, sensitivity, and pain. If you are currently suffering from nerve pain, below are some neuropathy exercises that you can use:

  • Start with Low Impact Exercises

Start your regimen with low impact exercises by walking, swimming, and bicycling, these low impact exercises can reduce complications caused by neuropathy. According to the recent study from the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke, exercising with low impact exercises can help increase coordination and muscle strength. Also, it helps reduce and prevent muscle stiffness and nerve pain.

  • Try the Range of Motion Exercises

Rotating the joints of the arms, hands, and ankles help stimulate the blood circulation and nerve conduction. The best thing about this exercise is you do not need to use all your efforts, you can do the rotation even while sitting.

  • The Tapping of the Toe

Exercise If you feel you need to ease the pain that is currently building on your feet, try the tapping of the exercise. What you need to do is sit down with your heels on the floor, then lift and lower your toes repeatedly creating a tapping motion. Repeat the exercise for 15-20 minutes. This exercise will release the tension building up on your feet and help encourage blood circulation.

  • Try the Flexibility Exercise

Stretching has a lot of benefits, especially to those people who are suffering from neuropathic pain. According to studies, stretching can improve the condition of the nerve. Proper mobilization of nerve reduces nerve tension. Flexibility exercises should be 5 to 10 minutes of simple and gentle stretching. This will help your body get warmed up for your daily activities and can prevent muscle tension and nerve stress.

  • The Strength Training Exercise

Strengthening your muscles will help reduce any tendencies of having injuries. Also, through these types of exercises, you are encouraging healthy blood circulation throughout the body, which is important for the nerves.

  • Balancing

Balancing is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to relieving the nerve pain. It can help you overcome the feeling of uneasiness, unsteadiness, and stiffness. Also, it helps you less vulnerable to falls, slips, and more.

  • Try the Spinal Twist

According to the experts, the spinal twist can help you realign your spine, including the nerves and the muscles. If you feel the tension is starting to build upon your shoulder, lower back, and the spine, try the spinal twist. All you need to do is rotate your torso on each side for 20 seconds and then release.

  • The Deep and Slow Breathing Exercise

Neuropathic pain can impede your sleep. According to medical studies, night-time is worse for people who are suffering from neuropathy, so to alleviate the pain, master the deep and slow breathing exercise. Studies have shown that deep and slow breathing exercise can help you feel calm and help reduce the pain. Effective exercise can ease nerve pain. So, if you are currently suffering from neuropathic pain, why not use some of the above-mentioned exercises.