Travel Light: The Potential Harmful Effects of Messenger Bags on Posture

For some time there has been talk of whether messenger bags are safe to carry due to the potential dangers on back health. Many people prefer messenger bags and therefore it’s vital to understand if or how they may negatively affect your posture. Today you will learn if messenger bags bad for your back or not .

Problems Messenger Bags can Cause for Your Back

So, in short messenger bags are actually not the safest for your back. There are several reasons why and the first is uneven weight. Carrying messenger bags can add lots of style and appeal to any look. However, having one strap across your body weighing you down will cause issues for your back in the long run. These issues include:

  • Aching back
  • Tense muscles
  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Difficulties turning your head
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Loss of the necks natural curve known as “military neck”

These harmful effects may come as a surprise but they certainly make sense. Anytime your back is strained due to excessive weight it’s only a matter of time before your health is affected. Despite, there are ways to go about carrying messenger bags in a much safer manner as to not harm or hurt your back and posture.

How to Carry Messenger Bags Safely and Effectively

There are solutions to carrying messenger bags that won’t result in back pain, and instead a comfortable carrying experience. These are minor changes that only take a little time to make but will make a huge difference for the health of your back. Here are 3 tips on how to carry messenger bags safely.

  1. Use Wider Straps

 This may not seem like such a big deal but it can make all the difference. Using a wider strap can help to alleviate some of the weight you may travel with. This in turn can help reduce the strain that is placed on your back thus helping maintain your back health. You can purchase them separately if needed or just ensure to utilize the varying strap sizes if they are included with your messenger bag.

  1. Don’t Carry on One Shoulder

This is very dangerous and not to mention uncomfortable. Despite the fact that you aren’t carrying the bag 24/7, just doing so on one shoulder can cause some serious pain over time. If you’re someone who carries lots of items in your messenger bag and it tends to be a little on the heavier side, then switching shoulders will definitely help. Although you only have one strap this will allow for a balance in carrying of weight across your body.

  1. Travel Light

Perhaps the most important tip, traveling light will definitely make all the difference. So, you’re probably thinking how can I do that when I need my things? Well, with a messenger bag it’s recommended to carry less than 10 percent of your body weight. So, if you need more than you may need to consider carrying a backpack.

Otherwise, pack light and maybe consider utilizing more bags than only your messenger bag. This again will aid in maintaining back help and also keep all your belongings even more organized.

Messenger bags are great and can ensure convenience with our daily activities. It’s important for your health that you always remember to carry them safely. Our backs are the foundation of our bodies and need to be treated as such throughout our daily lives each day.