Turning to smaller compact living quarters; focus on shipping container houses

compact-livingMany times people today are having to live in small compact spaces. People are moving from looking for grandiose and splendor in their homes and instead focusing on practicability, cost, and convenience among other issues. A small house is being favored by even the affluent as they strive to get the best from their lives and from their undertakings. A modern type of housing solution that best highlights the modern trends towards compact houses is the adoption of housing containers as houses.

A shipping container is a cubic structure that is used for containing goods in transit. It is a tough structure that is often made of tough metal. The structure is designed to provide protection for the goods against damage from forceful external forces. Apart from protecting against shock damages, it is also well designed to provide protection against damage through exposure to harsh weather conditions. It also protects and secures the goods from security threats.

These outstanding features of the shipping container made people to also adopt it as a housing structure. Shipping containers are now being used in many places especially in instances when people need to be at a particular place or area for a short time. For example, builders use shipping containers as homes at remote sites. Shipping container houses are very convenient since they can be transferred from one place to another in trucks.

A shipping container house can be very comfy depending on how much one is willing to spend in making it as comfortable as possible. One can install luxurious features such as padding to provide insulation against temperatures and sound. One can also have super luxurious floors and carpets installed in the confinement. Like any house, a shipping container can have electric wiring and one can use common household appliances in it.

The only thing that one might need to consider in using household appliances in a shipping container is the size of the appliances. Since space is limited, one might need to buy smaller appliances. For example, one might want to buy smaller refrigerators, smaller dishwashers, and smaller cookers or burners. Using smaller devices helps economically utilize the space and allow for one to have more things in the house.

Shipping container homes can be greatly customized with some people modifying their shipping containers into very fancy and lovable homes. Some people even join up two or more shipping containers to make more elaborate homes. These advanced structural designs however need experts who have the machinery and knowhow of cutting, joining and working with the metal used to make the shipping containers.

Despite their many advantages, shipping container homes also have several disadvantages. One major disadvantage is the fact that despite its mobility and readymade nature, the shipping container home still needs some space where it will be installed. Due to their small sizes, shipping containers are also not very good utilizers of space. This is because they do not fully utilize vertical space.