Types of Hunting Knives

For centuries now, humans have hunted animals for different reasons.  Just as a sharp scalpel is important to a surgeon, so is an efficient knife to a hunter. A hunting knife will come in handy in many occasions such as clearing of forest cover and cutting meat. You should ensure that your knife is sharp and has the right type of blade. When choosing a knife to use in hunting, you will have to consider several factors. You will also find many types of knives in the market, making the process of choosing the right one quite. This article will help you understand the different types of knives available in the market.


Fixed blade knives

A fixed blade knife is very popular among hunters since it is very easy to use and also very strong. You will find that the blades used by this knife lengthen up to the knife`s handle. You are going to have an easy time cleaning this knife because its shape is less curved and often smooth. They are most appropriate for hunting down large sized animals because of their strength. This type of knife does not have the ability to fold but you can easily carry it around in a sheath which can be hung around your belt. You can learn more about it online or offline.

Folding knives

This kind of knife is normally small in size and its parts can be bent and laid together in a compact form. Its ability to fold and therefore assures you of safety while carrying it. You will notice that the folding knife is lighter in weight than a fixed blade knife. They are as strong as the fixed blade knives but they can also serve you well when hunting small animals.  You might come across some folding knives that have several blades specially designed to various tasks.

Lock-back folding knives

The lock back folding knives has a locking mechanism that ensures blades are held in position when the knife is in use. The folding action also helps to block the knife from closing itself causing injury to the users hand when cutting meat or skinning the prey.

Skinning knife

This type of knife is generally used in the peeling of animal skin. It is designed in such a way that the blade curves at the tip and is very thin. You can therefore easily peel off the skin without tearing the hide.  You should ensure that your skinning knife has a firm handle and very sharp blade, preferably a new one, for it to work efficiently.

Caping knife

Have you ever come across an animal’s head pinned to the wall? This is what is referred to as caping. You will be required to have an extremely sharp and unturned knife to ensure that you make precise cuts around the neck region of the animal without damaging it. It is also important to note that a caping knife normally has short blades. You can also use this knife for other purposes when hunting or at home even though it is specifically meant for caping.