Using Cordless Drills Safely

4Cordless drills are powerful and versatile tools that are not just used by professional contractors but also by men and women who love to accomplish DIY projects. However, safety is a concern whether you are trained or not in the field of carpentry or not. That is because accidents with handy tools may occur anytime and anywhere. Thus, it is important that you consider some important things when you are using cordless drills.

First, you must always wear the appropriate attire. This does not mean that you need to wear protective gears like an athlete. What you just need to remember is that it is always better to use short-sleeved clothing to prevent any accidental entanglement with the tool. Likewise, loose clothes should be avoided so that they will not get caught up in the machine. In addition, you must also wear footwear that does not expose your feet, as well as one that can give you the right balance. Slippery footwear is also a big no-no.

Since drilling can produce dust and noise, it is also recommended that you wear protective goggles, as well as an earplug or anything that can protect your eardrums. Before starting any project using the cordless drill, always makes sure that the area is free from any clutter that can cause an accident. You must also make sure that no one is around once you drill or people are further away from you.

Likewise, you must always ensure that you are using a fully charged cordless drill so that you will not be stopping in the middle of a project. The unfinished works may become hazards, especially for children.

In addition, according to , you must always inspect you cordless drill before even using it again. The inspections should be done according to the manufacturer’s guideline. The most important thing to remember is the golden rule of using any power tool. That is to strictly follow the step-by-step procedure in using the product based on the instruction or user manual. Further, there are also certain safety rules to follow after you are done using your cordless drill.

One is that you must not touch the drill bit after it has been used since it will surely be hot whether you used it shortly or for long periods. It is also always ideal to double check if you have turned the drill off before keeping it. Likewise, if the product came with a storage box or bag, use it. If not, make sure to buy one. Such will ensure that tool is kept securely. Additionally, you should also keep it in an area wherein it is safe from children and pets, as well as from falling into the floor.

Final Words

It is a fact that cordless drills do not have electrical wires exposed but they are still considered to be very dangerous since they are designed to make holes and drive nails and screws. With that in regard, it is always important to make sure that you and the people and pets around you are safe from the tool.