Ways You Can Package Your Clothes When Traveling

Your biggest headache while traveling might be how to pack your luggage while preparing for a trip. This is because you might have quite a handful of clothes and other equipment that you just have to carry and you also want to have a compact luggage.


This article tells how to pack all the clothes you have to carry no matter which type they are. You will also learn how to fold a dress shirt while traveling. This will help you carry as enough clothes as possible and they will also be ready for wear anytime.

For starters, depending on how long you’re planning to be away on your trip, put aside just enough clothes. For instance, for a week-long trip, you can carry five t-shirts or blouses and five shorts or trousers. Avoid carrying too much luxurious clothes as they will just add weight to your luggage and you might never even wear them on the trip. To avoid the shame of forgetting important clothes and items, you can use a checklist to be organized.

Now to the packing technique, for the softer garments, you can roll those while the stiffer ones you just have to fold them. This is so that you avoid wrinkles or unwanted folds on your clothes. You might have noticed that knitwear clothes and cotton pants are resistant to wrinkles, so you can simply roll them. On the other hand, shirts, dress shirts, and skirts just have to be folded appropriately.

Some clothes can be quite tricky to pack, so you need extra care to avoid packing them wrongly. For instance, when packing a dress shirt, first button the first and third button then lay it on a surface so that you are looking at its back. Next, smooth out wrinkles on its surface then fold the right and left sleeves. Lastly, fold it up and do final checks to avoid creating wrinkles or folds.

The next step is packing the clothes into your travel luggage. The different types of clothes have to be packed in different layers of your luggage; where the rolled clothing go first. Next, go for longer clothes like trousers and stack them one over the other while making sure that you use space sparingly.

On the top layer, always remember to place those clothes or items that you will need first during your trip. This will help you from having to go through to the bottom of the pile so that you can get clothes that you need to wear quite early after you check in.

When it comes to shoes and other important materials like lotions or even jewelry. Remember to carry just enough, never in excess. For shoes, you can carry a pair of sandals, an evening pair, and even a sneaker; one of each type to be on the safe side.

Packing for a trip does not have to be a headache if you follow these tips. You will realize that setting up your luggage with any type of cloth whatsoever is a walk in the park. Similarly, your clothes will be free of wrinkles.