What Can I Use Instead of Cat Litter: Six Interesting Alternatives

When a person has a cat in their home, they keep a litter box so the cat can relieve itself inside. Litter can still emit an odor and make a mess in the home. There are six interesting alternatives to using litter that many people have not thought of. In this article, you will learn what you can use as cat litter alternatives.


A newspaper is easy to use. It can be shredded into strips. Once the newspaper is shredded it is mixed with some water and dish soap. The newspaper will turn grey. Be sure to drain out all the water. Add baking soda t the newspaper and knead it in. The newspaper should be allowed to dry and then crumbled up. Once it is dry it can be placed in the litterbox.

Horse Bedding Pellets

This I easy to use and can be purchased at most pet stores. The pellets are made from sawdust and they are able to absorb moisture and odors well.

Chicken Feed

This is another great alternative to litter. The chicken feed is mixed with some baking soda so that it is able to absorb the moisture and the odor. The chicken feed has a texture that is crumbly. It is also chemical free. It is safe to use for the cat and it is priced at an affordable rate.

Wood Pellets

These pellets can be found at a hardware store and there are some that are designed for use in the litter box. This type if free from chemicals and is made from sustainable materials. These pellets have great odor control and they will give off a pleasant aroma of cedar or pine. They create a minimal amount of dust and a great at absorbing wetness.

 Wood Shavings

The wood shavings or even sawdust are getting for absorbing wetness and odor. If a person works with wood as a hobby, the savings will not cost them anything to use. Be sure to sure shavings that are made from untreated wood and that it is free from chemicals. Wood pellets are also economical and they are biodegradable as well. These shavings after being used in the litter box can also be used as compost for flower beds.

Whole Wheat

The berries from the whole wheat are ground up into a powder. the powder can be a fine consistency or it can be the course. A person can also mix in some oats to get the texture that the cat likes. Whole wheat is an environmentally friendly option and it can be found in most stores. There is an all natural version of this wheat that can help with odor control from the litterbox. When the litter has been used it can be used to fertilize a flower bed or other parts of landscaping.

These are some of the alternatives that a person can use to cat litter. These alternatives are great at soaking in any moisture and odors that come from the litterbox. These methods are economical and they are good for the environment as well.