What is an induction cooktop

The word induction Cooktop might sound strange to some of us, but with a closer look, it is something that has recently been common. Most of us are used to the usual cooktops that we normally use at home. Hence, it is only a few people who are familiar with the name. If I just explain, Induction Cooktop is a type of a cooking device that uses an electromagnetic field to heat up a pan. Unlike the other forms of cooking, it is more efficient and convenient in terms of saving energy and user safety. Due to its magnetic fields, the kettle is heated in a unique way where there is no excess heat produced. As a result, the kitchen temperature remains constant and clean all time. See more in this post.

Difference between Stove Tops and Induction Cooktop

What is an Induction Cooktop? As we have all observed, the usual stovetops normally use heat in contact with pots. The heat that is normally transferred through thermal conduction is generated from flames/electrical heating elements. As a result, there is heat formation thus the pot gets heated. On the contrary, induction Cooktop has no any kind of heat generation. Instead, the Cooktop contains certain coiled wires below its ceramic surface. These wires, unlike the stovetops, generate oscillating magnetic field hence the cooking is achieved. Induction cooking, however, has numerous requirements to be able to use it. For instance, for one to cook on the Induction Cooktop, you must use magnetic pots and pans. This is normally to enable easy movement of electrons that are normally induced in the magnetic material. As a result, it creates a current that eventually generates heat.

Induction cooking is safer compared to electrical and gas cooking. This is in regards to burns and other accident that occurs in the kitchen. Since it only heats magnet-enabled devices, our body is non-magnetic. This, consequently, indicates that one cannot be burned.

Importance of Induction

To start with, induction burners are reliable compared to the other forms of cookers. There is no loss of energy since the heat is strictly directed to the pot. In addition, as I stated earlier, an individual is safer while cooking since it does not produce much heat. The heat here is experienced only while the burner is in contact with the pot. With induction Cooktop, your plastic equipment is less likely to be burned. Reason being, that they are non-magnetic and for the induction burnet to produce heat, magnetism is required.

Suitable Equipment for Induction

For your pot to be compatible with induction, they must be made of magnetic substances. There are, however other factors to consider to ensure that they are completely compatible. For instance, these materials should also be made from specific materials such as cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. If your pot is not made of iron, it must at least contain a certain percentage of iron to be able to work well.

To conclude, Induction Cooktop is, with time, getting popular among generations. It is time, energy saving and much safer cooking method that everyone wants to embrace. If you have not yet seen its purpose, consider acquiring one and see the difference.