What Makes The TOTO Washlet S350e The Best In Business?

A healthy and luxurious life is what you always deserve and technology has taken this thing seriously. It has evolved a lot to offer you the best living experience in your home with some excellent addition to ease out your life and improve the equality of living. One such addition to the luxury in your home is the TOTO Washlet S350e to your toilet seat. This one is an absolute fit into the toilet if you are looking for a hygienic and luxurious cleaning experience. If you have not tried it yet then it’s the time you check it out. The S350e is scaling new heights on popularity charts owing to some of its absolutely unique and outstanding features. Let’s know more about it;


Fit: The toilet seat is very easy to install into your existing toilet. Also, the adjustment is even easier as you can move it forward or backward by pushing a simple push button. Also, it has a concealed remote control holder in it.

Strong body: The S350e comes with a sturdy seat built with the best quality of raw material and under stringent quality control. The Japanese attention to details is to be seen in every feature of the toilet seat.

Cleaner than all: The toilet cleans itself automatically after each use with electrolyte water which cannot be found in any of the competing products.

Motorized closing: the toilet seat can be closed and opened automatically when you leave or enter the toilet by motorized mechanism fitted into it. Also the same can be done using the remote control as well.

Programmable: You don’t need to adjust the toilet seat and its features every time you are going to use it. The technology is there to do it for you as the remote control is of the programmable kind. This can preset the preferences of two users simultaneously so that the next time you enter the toilet you are never bothered about the settings.

Access: The designers have kept the ease of accessing and using the toilet seat in mind and the features shoe the same too. The toilet can be spotted in the dark thanks to the LED indicator attached to it. The remote control can do the adjustments easily for you, in case you missed it or you find the remote control not working then you can use the buttons provided on the toilet seat body to access some basic features of it.

Warm water: The continuous warm water supply ensures amazing user experience especially in the winter. Also, the warm water is a healthy option when compared to the normal water.

Dryer: The seat cover is fitted with a drier that helps you leave the toilet with a dry and fresh crotch area. Also, it prevents you getting infections caused due to moist skin in the crotch area.

This toilet seat is possibly the best in the bidet toilet class and you will find many reviews echoing the same for the awesome features it has in it.