When Buying a Running Belt

6Amidst the growing appeal and following of minimalist running, it’s impossible to deny that running these days will entail carrying around at least one item. It’s plausible to run with just running clothes on, but let’s face it – that’s something that a runner will likely only do once or twice just for the heck of it. After they’re done with those types of runs and post about it, it’s back to running with a phone. And it doesn’t stop there. Keys will have to come along, too. So will a small canteen of water. And probably a credit card, if carrying loose change while running sounds cumbersome.

It sure looks ridiculous to hold these things while running. And even more uncomfortable and awkward to just put them inside pockets. They’ll be bringing down even the most snugly fit jogging pants. Fortunately, there are accessories made specifically for these scenarios. For runners, in fact, running belts have become a staple for both short and long-distance runners. No need to sacrifice GPS data just for the sake of leaving a hand free from holding the phone for the entire duration of the run. The compartments in the running belt will hold it in place.

Needless to say that not all running belt are the same. And not all runners bring the same things while they run. The discrepancy isn’t only for the range of the run, but depends entirely from one person to another. Some feel better taking along more stuff even for a short run. With this in mind, it is absolutely important to check a running belt carefully before buying. The number of pockets and compartments should be able to accommodate the storage needs of the runner. To make this easier, visualize what items are brought along the run and see if the bag has sufficient storage for said items.

Obviously, this is easier to do when buying on the Internet because there’s no need to mentally recall the items brought along during a run, although there’s the option to list them down on the phone or a piece of paper. Still, choosing a running belt from an online store has its compelling advantages, one being the fact that the choices are limitless – at least in comparison to what local stores have to offer.

Another good reason to check out online stores for running belts is that there are reviews for practically every single product. With the exception of the lowest quality bootlegs which don’t get much attention and are not worth writing a review for. Though, time and again, there’s bound to be angry reviews from runners who crossed their fingers and hoped that the suspiciously cheap belt is just as good as an average priced one. Review sites likeĀ https://outdoorfitlab.com/best-running-belt/can help considerably when picking a good brand and model, though it still rests on the runner to choose one that fits their needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, after all. Good thing there’s so many to choose from.