Who is up against Zendesk?

customer service platformZendesk is a customer service platform that is based around high-quality customer solutions for businesses both large and small. They make it easier for agents to navigate through the platform and communicate with each other easily and effectively. There are a number of other customer service platforms on the market that do similar things but do not quite measure up to Zendesk. Here is some more information on Zendesk competitors and what makes them less effective.


Desk.com is currently one of the most popular customer service platforms on the market. It has a big user base and customer service reps ready to answer all of your questions. Desk.com was created by Salesforce who is committed to improving and supporting their product while also integrating apps such as Mail Chimp and Olark. It has lots of great features such as case tagging, customer records, and business rules. While they do give you a lot of control over your business and platform, they are a very dense platform that can be difficult to customize.


Freshdesk is another customer service platform that has a large user-base. It has a user-friendly interface and is good for both companies large and small. While not as speedy as Basecamp, most companies found it to be an effective product for a reasonable price. One of the pitfalls to this product is that you have to consistently update the DNS but many companies found this not to be that big of a deal.


IssueTrak is another great customer service platform with many awesome features. The implementation is very straightforward and easy to use. The speed is good and so is the management of tickets. The basic features are very easy to configure and you can even go live with the default settings. It has a very intuitive dashboard with many possibilities. Some customers found that the reporting can be difficult to use at times and make the system run slowly.

Help Scout

Help Scout is a system that is very easy to use and get started on. All you need to do is connect your email address to the program and you are all set to go. It makes it very easy for you to communicate with your team and create snippets and manage workflow. It even comes with apps that are able to monitor productivity.


All of these customer service platforms are high quality and all have their perks and pitfalls. Overall, Zendesk is the best platform out of all of them because of their iPhone and Android apps and many other advances that puts them ahead of the competition. Even though all of these platforms are worthy competitors, it is difficult to beat Zendesk.