Why Dual Monitors Set-Ups Are Better Than One

3Have you ever wondered why some people opt for 2 monitors instead of just one? Let’s face it, everyone loves to be efficient when it comes to work. Some small businesses will even go for a faster processor or invest on a larger hard drive. And if you are one of them, why not consider setting up a dual monitor system instead? Just check out your computer information or video card information if your PC is compatible with a dual monitor system.

Why dual?

There are many good reasons why dual monitors are better. One is the simultaneous use of programs. This allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously. For example, you can check your email on the left monitor while on the right, you can browse the web. If you are working on a multiple programs, this one is for you since it allows a large workspace. Hence, you need not press Alt+Tab to go from one program to another since you can display the entire screen that is dedicated to a single application. And you can use the other monitor on another program.

For referencing critical information

You are free to display critical information with a dual monitor and use this for the purpose of referencing and work on the other monitor. It makes work very convenient for you. You can display a PDF file on one screen that contains specific regulations while generating a Microsoft Word report on the other. This also allows you to compare different files with ease. It works to your advantage if you are using video tutorials in doing your work. You can view the guide on one screen while doing the steps on the other.

Dual monitors are also easy to use, not just for desktops but even for laptops. Setting up dual monitors is practically the same as setting up of an individual monitor. It needs no additional software to do it. You just simply drag an application from one monitor to another, Even Windows recall that monitor you used in your last work when opening a specific program. Hence, if you used the left monitor check an email, it goes to the same page when you open it.

Fosters better communication and collaboration

This comes very useful when chatting with someone over Skype. You can open Skype screen one window and check out some necessary documents on the other screen. If you are working with your supervisor remotely, drawing with him for instance, you can chat on Skype with him in one monitor and draw with him on the other screen. You can use this on laptops too where you can attach a second monitor.

However, though dual monitors offer a lot of conveniences, there are some factors you need to consider when deciding to have one. One is the desk you need to use. Obviously, you will need a larger space to accommodate 2 monitors and there are tables designed for such purpose. You can click here for me details about them.