Work Harassment: Top Signs You Are Being Bullied at Work

Did you know that the school is not the only place where there is bullying? Office bullying can happen too. In fact, according to 2017 Workplace Bullying Survey, 60.3 million of United States employees had experienced workplace bullying.


What defines workplace bullying?

According to Workplace Bullying Institute, workplace bullying is defined as a “repeated mistreatment” that can affect the physical, mental, and emotional health of the employee by one or more perpetrators. The workplace bullying can also be stressed by being intimidated, threatened, and humiliated by the victim’s colleague of the same position or higher than them.

How can you tell that you are already being bullied at work?

There are several forms of workplace bullying, but the following behaviors are signs that you are already being bullied at work:

1. You often receive criticism

If you received constant humiliation, rejection, or criticism from your boss or your co-workers, despite the efforts, signs of work approval, and more, it is a sign that you are being targeted at work.

2. You receive constant yelling

Although there is nothing wrong with how you perform or work, you still receive constant yelling, insult, and humiliation in front of other employees either by your supervisor or your boss, are signs that you are mistreated at work.

3. Your boss or co-workers kept piling up your mistakes

If you are constantly being reminded with the mistakes you have done a few weeks ago, a month ago, and months before that, without constructive reasons and constantly being falsely accused of some errors, it is likely you are being bullied.

4. You receive constant gossips and lies about you

Although office gossips are inevitable, there are situations that gossips and pure lies are already destructive. If you feel and hear that you are constantly being gossiped about you or your working performance by your co-workers, it is likely you are being bullied.

5. Obvious sabotage

If you constantly find your work was suddenly rejected without any valid reasons, you are likely being sabotaged by either your supervisor or your co-workers that do not like you to succeed.

What to do about it?

There are more workplace bullying that happens all the time in many workplaces; but, there are only a few laws that can defend the victims (including sexual harassment), below are the top things you can do to defend yourself and stop from being bullied:

1. Always be confident

One thing that makes the perpetrator drive to bully someone is to see the victim being hurt (physically, mentally, and emotionally); however, if you want to retaliate, react with confidence.

2. Talk to someone

One of the best ways to deal with workplace harassment, especially if it is destroying your reputation, you have to talk to someone with authority, either to your supervisor, HR, or people who know laws about workplace bullying (including law firms like Walker Law), especially sexual harassment. If you want to stop bullying, you have to learn more on how to deal with it professionally and legally.

3. Document

To make it legal and to solve the problem, you have to document every bullying situation and name what type of harassment you are getting from your bullies.

4. Confront your bully

It might be scary, but you have to confront your bully and talk to him or her professionally and confidently.